Republicans: Still Clueless, After All These Years

I simply cannot believe how clueless the conservative media is. They keep reporting that Trump is headed for an electoral college win, so long as he carries Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. “He didn’t win these in 2020, but this time he will.”

Hello!? Democrats easily pulled off fraud last time. Unless you actually believe that Trump was ahead and that suddenly, after the counting stopped and resumed the next morning in the aftermath of water pipe breaks and data dumps and suddenly discovered mail-in ballots (all of which went for Biden)… well, you know the rest.

Expecting Democrats not to repeat the fraud that was so successful last time is like expecting shoplifters and killers to stop committing crimes once released by Soros-funded district attorneys.

If conservatives are this stupid, how are they to rescue us from the most evil tyrants since the Nazis?


Speaking of clueless, new Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is reportedly using Nancy Pelosi’s method of budgeting so Congress can run up the national debt more than ever.

Mr. New Speaker: You don’t fight socialism with socialism. You fight socialism with defunding. Abolish their programs & agencies.

It’s not going to happen. We only have a Uniparty. America is going socialist, whether at 80 mph or 70 mph. As Hillary Clinton would say: What difference does it make?

Speaker Johnson also promises that impeachment of Biden won’t be “rushed.” In other words: It won’t happen.

Same s**t, different Speaker.

You cannot reform a malignant system. We need a revolution, not an election. We’re not getting an honest election, anyway.



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