Get Real, People: Leftism Is Everywhere, and It’s Winning

I keep reading stories in conservative media such as, “Biden losing black support.” The studies are from mainstream, largely corporate Republican sources such as The Wall Street Journal or Newsmax. Yet when we have actual elections, including in red states like Ohio, the Democrats are winning more than ever. It just happened last week. What happened to Virginia? They lost control of the state legislature. What happened to the red wave we saw there just under two years ago? Ohio has gone for unlimited abortion rights. Wherever you stand on abortion, how could that happen in a thoroughly red state that went decisively for Trump twice?

I know that Republicans are not an ideal alternative to Democrats. Yet they are the ONLY alternative, at this point. Democrats/leftists are openly, decisively and willfully — even gleefully, in some cases — wrecking America. They’re wrecking the economy. They’re inflating (i.e., wrecking) the currency. They’re wrecking the military. They’re undermining free speech and gun rights. They’re eradicating private property, mostly via an EPA with arbitrary and unlimited powers. And they’re using a police state (the FBI, America’s Gestapo) to arrest and prosecute political “crimes” while letting violent thugs, thieves, rapists and killers (ACTUAL criminals) be released. They’ve made America’s cities dangerous again, more dangerous than ever before. Not just the obviously and (I think) irreparably ruined big cities like LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and New York; but previously less obvious places too, like (I’m told) Louisville, Kentucky, Portland, Oregon and Atlanta.

Terrorist-Marxist BLM and its Soros-funded lawlessness ARE coming to a city near you. It’s just a matter of time, and probably not much time.

Leftism is winning everywhere. Not just politically; but in regard to daily life. We saw it with COVID. The only reason we haven’t seen more mask and vax mandates is because the authorities have chosen not to go that route, for now. They established the precedent, not just for anything connected to medicine or health, but to anything at all. Once you can coerce 80 percent of the population to do whatever you command with their BODIES, the rest will presumably be easy, correct?

They know they can and will reinstate virus mandates any time they feel like it. Just drag out and dust off Fauci and all will follow. My theory? They have bigger fish to fry. They have green fascism. They have the elimination of paper currency so they can control all economic transactions based on political –not economic, free market — factors through openly compliant and (usually) ideologically Marxist corporations.

Like I said: Leftists are wrecking America. To the core. Not on merely a few fringe issues. But on literally everything that affects all of our daily lives. And it matters: Because leftism is EVERYWHERE.

Imagine a future with leftists in charge of everything you do, think, say. Imagine a future with leftists determining all of your options, not just about politics but about fuel; the setting of the thermostat in your home; the amount of money you have; what you may or may not spend money on.

It’s just about here. It’s being done right out in the open, as if there’s nothing questionable or abnormal about it. In what is — or what used to be — America. Biden is their puppet, but even he serves a purpose. Biden is their way of saying, “If we can get you to do everything we want with such an obvious, demented idiot in charge … well, we’ve got you.”

I find most Republican-voting, conservative-leaning people — as well as most independent or apolitical types — pretty much in denial about it all. Leftists applaud what’s happening, while tripling down on their resolve to “get Trump” or anyone who might have once supported him. It’s not about getting Trump. It’s about eradicating all forms of dissension and diversity. Ironic, isn’t it?

Increasingly, there’s little else to say. It’s like watching a slow motion murder-homicide. Tied up and unable to do much or anything about it. Maybe there’s a sanity in pretending it’s not happening. Maybe the people in denial are simply practicing psychological survival. It’s perverse — but it’s what the cultural and social tyrants have done to us; in part, because we let them.

All I can say at this point is: It will just have to play out. There’s not a whole lot else you can do; not when living under a dictatorship. It’s not a question of giving up. It’s simply a question of empirical observation: While these creatures do not HAVE to win, and they SHOULD not win … they ARE winning.

[pictured: A homeless camp in Democrat leftist-run Louisville, Kentucky]



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