Is THIS What the End of the World Looks Like?

Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller on X) says it well:

“Here’s a question to all the leftwing anti-Jew Jews who have worked furiously against Israel, my colleagues, myself for years.

Where are you going to go?

You think they won’t come for you? They are coming for you. They’re coming for all Jews. And if you had your way, where would we go if there was no Israel?

You are our nightmare.”

You can say the same more generally. You can ask American leftists and RINOs: You think they’re not coming for you too? Where will you go? Or: You think socialism and Communism won’t cause starvation, misery, upheaval, violence, mass executions and unrest, like they have absolutely everywhere else? What will you do then? Especially if you’re not one of the 1 percent ruling class, counting on the government to keep them living in the manner to which they have become accustomed?

I posted Geller’s tweet on Facebook yesterday. The support for the post was strong, but a lot of people began to post anti-Semitic comments on my thread. They are people who otherwise claim to be conservative, libertarian types. I have had to block them, because their comments and ideas are so twisted and ugly. Don’t you dare call it “censorship.” Our entire media, entertainment, educational, political culture and government all spew out lies and hatred every single hour. We are saturated with venom, ignorance fused with grotesque stupidity everywhere we turn. I am under NO obligation to permit it into my space.

Some “friendly readers” have actually written to me privately, sending me videos of Ayatollahs and other Muslim terrorists, saying I must listen to “their side” of the argument for beheading babies. I will not dignify such people with a reply, and I will not dignify them with any interaction ever again.

I would say it’s unbelievable, but NOTHING is unbelievable to me any longer. Nothing. Either most people have gone stark, raving mad; or they were all along, and simply concealed it well.

Examining the corpse of a culture, I will observe this much: So many either have an amoral perspective (meaning: no idea of morality at all, right or wrong); or a warped idea of morality.

To any remotely rational, decent person, the moral contrast between people who INITIATE the use of force (Hamas, the Palestinians, the Iranians) and those who merely RESPOND to that force with retaliation should be clear.

I have discovered how many “libertarians” are amoral. And then people who do have some definition or sense of morality simply adopt a position of moral equivalence. They point to errors or flaws in the Israeli government — which of course exist — and then claim the very existence of ANY flaws (even small ones) in the Israeli government justifies the use of “self defense” by terrorists who, among other things, behead babies for the religion or race of their parents.

As Geller points out, there are American Jews who do this.

I know that the world has gone mad. I understand the world has been going mad, for some time. I didn’t know that many of the people I thought were the good guys have also gone mad — or downright evil.

Wherever you turn, there is disappointment and let down. Ron DeSantis, for example. I hardly recognize him. I still applaud his policies in Florida as governor. But the funny glint in his eyes when he runs for president, that strange look that I associate with the look of any paid off hack politician you find everywhere you turn. Who is this man, who stood so ferociously on principle when it mattered, who now claims “Trump lost the election, of course he did” to an MSNBC reporter in hopes that it will somehow get him more than 2 percent of the Republican vote for President. Why doesn’t he just run as a Democrat?

I even have my doubts about Netanyahu, for the first time. Will he respond strongly enough? Will he do what he’s entirely morally justified in doing, even without any support from the feckless Amerian puppet regime occupying what was once the land of liberty? I don’t know. I am reserving judgment on him, and hoping he will be the exception to the rule. We will soon know. So far, he’s not doing nearly enough. Why are Hamas — and Iran — still even here?

Donald Trump, with all his flaws (not nearly as numerous or deep as reported), is the only high profile figure left with any authenticity or credibility. It is precisely for THOSE qualities that he is being persecuted. He calls people on their toxic, illegal, immoral BS like nobody else will. For that reason, he has to go. The modern version of assassination is media persecution. It’s less physically messy.

It’s kind of like the end of the world. But sometimes horrible endings are followed by great new beginnings. It happens in individual lives: People hit bottom and then rise out of the ashes into something better than they ever were. It does not always happen; but it happens all the time.

Can a society and civilization do the same? Let’s hope so. Because that’s our ONLY hope.



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