Why Evil is Winning Everywhere Today

Why do the Democrats (translation: American Communist Nazi fascists) unify so easily — under, say, a Nancy Pelosi, or even a pitiful puppet like Biden — while the poor Republicans can’t even elect a Speaker of the House, even after 175 or 392 attempts to do so?

Because Democrats are certain of their principles. Yes, their principles are all wrong and unblinkingly evil. But leftists are sure they’re right. “YOUR life does not belong to YOU. It belongs to US. You will do what we say. Whether it’s taxes; fossil fuels; experimental jabs; face masks; using public schools to sexually molest children; or censoring speech on social media; or taking away your guns and outlawing your religion … WE determine your fate and your choices. The Bill of Rights is dead. We all know that. But we will carry out our tyranny in the name of the Bill of Rights. Don’t like it? Get over it. Because it’s happening anyway.”

Republicans in power — mostly, I suppose — don’t agree. Some Republicans agree with the Democrats; those are the true RINOs. Many Republicans don’t quite agree with the Democrats; but they want the media to like them. Or they want their kids in the best D.C. private schools. Or they want to be invited to the best cocktail parties. Or they want their bank accounts to increase.

We have two sides here. One side — the Democrats — are unified and strong because they are CERTAIN that THEY rule your life. Republicans are wishy washy and unsure and desperately need to be liked.

Democrats have no concern about being liked. They only care about being strong; not strong in a noble, rational sense, but strong like Stalin or Hitler were strong, for a time.

Leftists — whether the ones in power or your neighbors, friends and family who smugly and self-righteously support all things leftist in our whack job culture — are absolutely certain that they are right. Yes, they are absolutely wrong. But so are all evil, sadistic tyrants. So are all delusional, hallucinating psychopaths. Nobody with a spine exists to take them on. Only Donald Trump did so, but they’ve got him where they want him. If you claim otherwise, you are living a fantasy. Donald Trump is great in many ways, but he has been turned into a comic book hero who will not prevail because life is not a comic book. Trump was president for a term and he could not stop them; even if he’s president for one more term he will not stop them. Because they are like a train set for destroying all in its path. Or like an airplane on 9/11 heading for the Pentagon or the World Trade Center. And nobody will get out of the way, because they act like it’s not happening.

Evil is impotent … but only when the good guys don’t blink. When good guys show the resolve and confidence that today’s bad guys show, the good guys will win every time.

When good guys act like Republicans — well, we’re all going to be run over.

It’s as simple as that.



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