Are Wars ONLY About Money?

Why can Hamas have unlimited civilian casualties, while Israel can have none?

A reader asks on Facebook, “Who’s saying they can? A bunch of leftists?”

My reply: The Biden regime is demanding that Israel not have civilian casualties. No such burden is placed on Hamas or Iran. America’s government is on the side of the terrorists in practice, regardless of what they say.

Another reader posts a meme that says, “The bankers want war, so they can lend money at interest to governments on both sides. Defense contractors want war, so they can sell their military products to governments on both sides. Governments want war, so the bankers and corporations keep them employed and in power. Wars are big business. They are manufactured by elites, not by enemy rivals.”

There is truth in that. However, when peaceful and relatively free countries are attacked by ruthless savages, they have to defend themselves. And America is in a fix because the militant envirofascists will not permit America to develop its own fossil fuels, meaning that our civilization depends on what happens in the Middle East.



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