The End of Critical Thinking Could Destroy Israel

The game the Biden regime is playing about the Israel-Hamas war is SO obvious. Only in an era where critical thinking has almost become extinct could anything like this be happening.

On the surface, the Bidenistas get to have it both ways. “We support and stand by Israel,” they say to the news media, none of whom will ask the Bidenistas why they’re still advancing billions of aid to Iran (the exact same as advancing billions to Hamas).

That way, they appease their anti-Jewish wing of the party while still leading inattentive Jewish Democrats into thinking that they’re as pro-Israel as America has always been. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and it’s easily provable by the Bidenistas’ own actions. They count on people not paying attention; and it seems to work! That fact is almost as horrible as the atrocities taking place against the Jews in Israel at this moment. Because without this inattentiveness, Israel would perhaps already have won the war.

If anyone other than Netanyahu were in charge, I would consider Israel relegated to the ash heap of history. However, Netanyahu has shown the moral courage in the past to stand on principle. The only principle the Americans offer — under our viciously anti-Israel, anti-freedom occupation government — is certain defeat, while pretending it’s not a defeat at all.

In its own way, this is even more sickening than the Nazi Germany era. At least the Nazis ultimately lost. And at least America was on the side of the good guys, not the bad guys.

Hamas and Iran face only one opponent: Israel itself.

If Israel prevails, it will be 100 percent Israel’s doing. And it will be in spite of America, not because of it.



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