Pacifism is Not Pro-Liberty

Should we eliminate Hamas and Iran? Or not? It’s not just leftists who say “no.” Some limited government types are saying the same thing. Their premise appears to be: “Government bad.” The bigger the government, the worse it is; the best government is no government at all. That’s the faulty, unspoken premise.

From that premise, they reason that Israel — who’s big — has done mean or questionable things to smaller guys. Therefore, Israel gets what it deserves. They kind of view the Middle East in David and Goliath terms — bigger is evil, smaller is better.

This is preposterous. Good and bad are not determined by size. Yes, evil grows more evil as it gets bigger; but good grows better as it gets bigger too, in many cases. America became greater as it grew bigger, and stayed great until too many of its people abandoned rational and pro-freedom principles. America’s decline did not come from being too big; it came from becoming too wrong.

I would rather a large government respectful of individual rights than a small gang of terrorist thugs who INITIATE horrific violence against others — such as beheading their babies.

One person actually wrote me that Israel taking military action against Hamas is bad because it will “destabilize” the sociopolitical world. What does this even mean? How much more destabilized can you get than innocent people being attacked? What are innocent people supposed to do … nothing? Fight a war with one hand tied behind their back, when it will take two hands to win?

The pseudo-liberty-loving types who oppose all war on principle are counting on nobody ever to initiate violence against others. This is as stupid as the leftists, and maybe even more stupid. It opens the door to untold and unbridled attacks on innocent people. It’s the same mentality as “defund the police.”

Israel does not have to prove it’s a perfect government in order to be morally justified to defend its people. The only thing Israel has to do is what it has already done, for decades: Be the ONLY country in that part of the world even remotely respectful of the rights of the individual.

Hamas, Iran and other people funded and supported by the Biden regime and America’s leftists (including many Jews!) are so evil and irrational that they cannot tolerate living on a planet with people who don’t share their religious views. They’re not the Amish. They’re the opposite extreme of the Amish. The Amish say, “We want to live the way we want to live; please leave us alone.” The Islamic fascists say, “We want to live the way we want to and you WILL live the same way. You WILL think the same way. If you don’t, we’re going to incinerate you.”

And they mean it.

Imagine if it were 1943 and the Allies had asked the question: “Should we eliminate the Japanese terrorists and the Nazi regime? Or not?” And what if they tried to guilt-trip Americans into fighting either a limited and “contained” war against mortal enemies, or perhaps even laying down their arms altogether. Since, after all, it would destabilize the sociopolitical order.

Ignorance and madness can only explain so much. Some people, even on your own side sometimes, are just plain BAD.



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