Netanyahu Knows What He Has to Do

With an enemy as bad as Islamic militants–including Hamas and the Palestinians–there is no punishment that will change their behavior, even a little. There is no point at which they will cry “uncle.” It’s because they are seeking the total annihilation of Israel and all other things nonIslamic (including America). It’s the total destruction of their enemy–or nothing.

The only solution is to wipe them out. If you don’t, they will keep bombing and terrorizing and beheading your babies until none of you are left.

If Israel wishes to survive, they have to completely wipe out their enemy. Otherwise, the moment that enemy has biological or nuclear weapons, they will use them.

It’s truly as simple as that.

Even without biological or nuclear weapons, look how vicious and cruel they are! Already, they’re starting to surpass Nazi Germany. With the help of continued American money and indirect support through American weakness (thank you Bidenistas and all Democrat voters), they actually could prevail, at least in tearing down Israel to where it’s no longer a livable place.

In words and actions, for decades now, Islamic militants have made this 100 percent crystal clear. It’s just so obvious. I am simply giving words to what they say they want: total annihilation. “It’s either us, or you,” they’re saying with every single word and every single action. I say: give them what they want. Or else be wiped out.

9/11 was that message. Most didn’t listen. Look at us now. Look at Israel now. We will be next, if the world continues to roll over and let these barbaric, sadistic totalitarians ruin human life in the name of what they call “religion.”

I hope Netanyahu knows what he must do. We will know, soon enough, if he does.



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