Unfathomable Dishonesty on Israel

“Hypocrisy” is too kind a word.

Imagine a group of people [the Bidenistas] SO evil, so utterly brazen, that they publicly fund the destroyers of a country [Israel] — and then turn around and brag that they stand “shoulder to shoulder” with that country … as that country gets pulverized and savaged by the very people they [the Bidenistas] continue to fund and support.

The Bidenistas fund the baby beheaders — and then run to the country charged with protecting the beheaded, and says, “We stand shoulder to shoulder with you.” I can hardly believe I have to write these words. I worked in mental hospitals and talked regularly with psychotic schizophrenics. NOTHING ever approached the madness I see today. Absolutely nothing.

I know of no precedent for anything this bad. If the British government had given Hitler military aid during World War II — even as their own country got bombed, as well as the countries of the people whom they claimed to be allies — it would have been the exact same thing. Of course it was unthinkable. And it never happened. If it did, the media would have screamed it from the highest rooftops.

Imagine if Britain — or France — had provided aid to Hitler out in the open; and the media refused to talk about it or acknowledge it.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Netanyahu. I suppose it’s the same thing that’s wrong with DeSantis and all the others we thought had a clue. Or maybe Israel is in so much trouble that he’ll accept help from anyone, even a United States regime who may be a worse enemy even than Hamas. Or maybe he’s in denial, and still thinks America isn’t a country occupied by the worst the world has seen since Hitler.

And they wonder why we still support and applaud Trump.

The social “warp core” (to cite a Star Trek metaphor) of today’s evil resides in the media — 98 percent of it, the media that nearly everybody reads, watches and believes. The Biden regime blowhards KNOW they can fund Israel’s destroyers while claiming to support them. They KNOW they can get away with it, because the great majority of the media will not call them on it … and the majority of the American people, it appears, will not question them. [I am including Fox News in this media, by the way.]

There’s little else to say. In a culture and a climate of such unfathomable dishonesty, there’s little hope for the good guys winning. Ignorance and stupidity on this scale cannot be remedied. It will be up to future generations of people to fix this, when looking at the ashes of our civilization.



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