Larry David is a Commiefascist

Larry David has accused Elon Musk of being a child-killer — for not being woke enough.

I was a huge fan of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I thought he was merely a Democrat, and I really didn’t care. Now I realize he’s a raging, raving Commiefascist. He doesn’t want anyone to enjoy freedom under the economic system that permtted him to become hugely rich and successful. He supports the vicious statism that ultimately starves children; yet calls anyone who challenges even a little of his ignorant idiocy a child killer. He is a totalitarian of the same sort who supported the rise of Hitler.

The sight of him now makes me ill, and I will no longer watch his show. I know he doesn’t care that probably millions agree. He’s rich — thanks to the Constitution and economic freedom he hopes to eradicate. And he gets to feel morally superior, surrounded by the totalitarian twits in Hollywood.



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