Media for the Cognitively Illiterate

Imagine a media that reports according to your point-of-view, or narrative about life. Facts that contradict your narrative are left out; and facts that reinforce your narrative are left in. As needed, facts are embellished or outright made up, all in the service of your narrative.

If your point-of-view is the leftist/socialist/woke narrative — then that’s exactly the media you’re getting. It’s one of the biggest reasons our government, and even our society, is falling apart. You’ve got millions of people with an inaccurate, distorted point-of-view. They’re getting that point-of-view reinforced daily, whether their “news intake” consists of 24/7 propaganda on CNN or MSNBC, or little snippets found on Yahoo, Google and the like. They’re getting that point-of-view with billions of dollars and super high quality production values that make the propaganda — to most — seem credible.

The version you get of Donald Trump, “climate change”, inflation, wars in Ukraine, the American border, and the U.S. Constitution itself — it’s all entirely distorted. It’s presented as fact-oriented “journalism,” but it’s nothing more than actors reciting lines with subtle nods, looking serious, earnest and official. We’re getting exactly what they got in Nazi and Communist dictatorships … only on a billion dollar budget. This not only reinforces the narrative of the people already predisposed to this leftist perspective; it also makes it seem more than credible to the vast “middle” and uncommitted. It’s not just about politics — but everything. Because one major thing this media has done is make everything political. The political narrative — the LEFT’s political narrative — is everywhere: in television shows, in movies, in theater, in art, in commercials, in sports events, schools, universities, doctor’s offices, hospitals, children’s cartoons and even on your syrup bottles.

The media is killing us. Paper cut by paper cut. It’s doing so by paving the way for the real destroyers in the government (as with any tyranny) who await us with their guns, their prisons, and their technology that will enable them to turn off our bank accounts, shut down our social media accounts and everything else they positively WILL be doing — and have already started doing, gleefully and openly — in gradual increments.

Regulating the media would not solve the problem. The ignorant savages in power cannot be trusted to regulate anything; if they could be trusted, we wouldn’t be in such trouble. Only critical thinking could have saved us. There’s so little critical thinking in the world, even in the best of times. The lack of rational, intelligent thinking — and the proliferation of outright dishonesty — is how the media has destroyed us. Most of us decided, on some level, to let others do our thinking for us, about the big issues of our time.

And look what it’s getting us.



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