Germany Returns to Fascism

Germany is now imprisoning judges who ruled against COVID mask mandates. Is America next? If Donald Trump can get indicted and possibly imprisoned, why can’t it happen to the few good judges we have left in America? On our current course, it will happen.

[From Zero Hedge]:

In 2021, Judge Christian Dettmar struck down a local government ordinance that required schoolchildren to wear masks in the German state of Thuringia. The case made headlines across Germany.

Judge Dettmar is now set to lose his legal career and pension and receive a two-year suspended prison sentence for allegedly “perverting the law.”

During the pandemic-era lockdowns, the Thuringian state government ruled that all children were to wear masks while at school, stay a minimum distance from each other, and take virus tests.

The judge ruled that masks shouldn’t be mandatory for children at two schools in Weimar, Thuringia, after the mother of two children, aged 8 and 14, complained that the masks were giving them insomnia, nausea, and headaches.



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