Parents: Full Responsibility, No Rights

A leftist federal judge says that state and local governments may not uphold the right of parents to determine what material or performances their children may or may not see. The media frames it as the individual rights of drag queens. But drag queens have no individual right to an audience — especially an audience of children whose parents may prefer that their children not see the drag queens’ performances. Remember that children are minors. An 18 or 59 year old surely has the right to see a drag show or any other form of entertainment he chooses. A five or ten year old does not.

Parents now have full legal responsibility for their children until age 18, without having the right to determine how to raise them. This is a vicious and unconstitutional injustice. It’s unprecedented in American history. Yet it’s increasingly the law of the land. How much longer can we the people be expected to put up with a federal government that is openly tyrannical?

As the outrageous court decisions, federal edicts and general insanity continue to escalate: It seems like a reasonable time to start asking, “How much worse can it get? What have we got to lose?” When Trump is actually put in prison, as I predict he will be, and when it becomes more clear that we are a one-party government with only a nominal (at best) Bill of Rights, I suppose then more people will wake up. The Republicans as we know them are worse than worthless. That’s why we have Trump. The left and Establishment understands he is not worthless, and that’s why they’re doing everything in their considerable power (media, courts, schools, government, Deep State) to destroy him.



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