Will You Comply this Time?

We’re told that new mask mandates and COVID lockdowns are coming. It’s plausible. An “election” is coming up. Lockdowns generated mail-in ballots. It worked last time; why not do it again?

We’ll be told the same thing as last time. “It’s science. Who are you to challenge science?” Fauci said it best: “I am the science.” He meant it. He speaks for government. Government considers itself the final — and only — truth on all subjects. Truth is manufactured at gunpoint. That’s how tyrannies operate. Because of the precedents set in 2020 and 2021, precedents left completely unchallenged, we are, for all practical purposes, now a dictatorship.

By the way: There IS such a thing as science. Science is the testing and proving of what is objectively true. There IS such a thing as objective reality.

However, government is not science. Government is not reality. In most cases, including in America 2023, all government is TYRANNY. The only reality about government is brute force. Guns are all they have. Guns are not truth. Tyranny is not truth. Tyranny is propaganda spread by people who want control, money, power or all three.

If you care about science and reality, go LAST to the government. In fact, if anything, consider government the opposite of what’s true. Only facts, reason and intellectual honesty (i.e., objectivity) will give you any chance of truth. Government is the biggest dead end street there is. Defy and ignore it as much as you possibly can.

A tiny minority will argue, just like last time, that mandatory executive orders by Presidents and Governors are not laws.

That’s true. But this is only a technical matter. Even if such measures were a law, you should not comply.

Immoral, unconstitutional and essentially savage, arbitrary mandates aren’t worth anything. We are all morally entitled, if not obliged, to defy them. Whether they have to do with the flu, or anything else. Enough is enough.



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