The Leftist Mentality Is Worse than Nuts

You have to understand the leftist mentality. To a leftist, government is their “God.” Government is the answer to everything. Government, so long as in the hands of “progressives”, can literally do anything. Government is reality. Government is our source of knowledge and truth. Government is the source of right and wrong. Government is their religion.

That’s why Donald Trump must be punished and imprisoned. It’s not because he supports tax cuts or an America first defense. It’s not that he’s much friendlier to capitalism than to socialism or Communism. It’s not that he wants to obliterate all the cronies holding our pathologically dysfunctional government together. These policies do make them crazy, but not as crazy as Donald Trump himself (and what he represents) makes them. They must have him removed from the ability to function or be free, because Government is their religion, and Donald Trump single-handedly stands in the way of implementing that religion via progressives. It’s as simple as that.

A reader replies: There will be violent events as the trials proceed but when Trump is elected watch Antifa destroy cities and attack conservatives. Civil War will explode.

My reply to the reader: I agree, assuming Trump wins. How will Trump win against the same fraud — and then some — that the Commie fascists will impose this time? Either way, some kind of civil war or civil breakdown will be coming — unless those who oppose the radical leftists are prepared to take anything and everything, forever. So far, that has been the case. The left wing attacks and the right does absolutely nothing, except applaud Trump. But applauding Trump is not enough to stop the worst tyrants in American history.



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