Today’s Leftists Are Like Chuckie the Doll

The leftists are acting like they’ll never be challenged. They’re acting like the totalitarian power they are acquiring cannot be overthrown. They don’t act like they believe they’re God; they act like they’re stronger than God. Omnipotent beyond omnipotent. Hubris, narcissism? Sure. But it somehow seems worse than that. They believe they know the weather a thousand or a million years from now. What narcissist has ever claimed this? They believe they know everything that serves their sinister, toxic narrative. They’re so confident in their beliefs, apparently, that they must censor anyone who dissents.

They believe they know everything, that you don’t, and they have a right to control every minute detail and every second of your life because of that belief. I’ve never known a narcissist this bad. As horrific as Hitler and Stalin were, I don’t even think they were this bad. They were certainly no worse. Hitler and Stalin at least faced opposition. They had to fear America and the relatively free Western world striking back. Today’s cultural and government leftists? They know there’s nobody to fight back, except for Trump supporters, possibly. Which is why they’re setting out to jail Trump.

Bad is always stupid. By definition, if you’re bad, you’re irrational in some way. Irrationality is not intelligent. The only thing propping up today’s evil — so epitomized by the sinister, Chuckie-the-doll like persona of Joe Biden — is the unwillingness or inability of anyone to stand up to it. They will keep getting away with it — well, until they no longer can.

And the bigger question is: What happens to them then? Leftists, your time will come. I don’t know when or how. But it will come.



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