LinkedIn: Commiefascists Too (No Surprise)

LinkedIn told me it’s “unprofessional” to suggest there was fraud in the 2020 Elections. Remember, on our current course the people who staff these gigantic social media companies will be staffing the government. They’re already pretty much the same thing.

Some reactions from readers:

“Well doctor, I would rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war as they are. They are provoking a war, yet they know not how to fight one.”

“Unprofessional …..HA! I guess you’re not allowed to have a brain and question things…..the entire world is currently upside down and I wish I could figure out WHY it is like this….I am weary of this shite now….just weary and fed up……now I am hearing new lockdowns in September….I’ve had enough.”

When, exactly, did fraud become a profession?

Disagreeing with leftist is “unprofessional” is what they’re really saying..😡

“This unconstitutional censorship is ridiculous.” My reply: “Private companies may exclude whomever they wish. But these social media companies are openly in alliance with our Commiefascist government. And they would never permit you, I or a competing company to exclude anyone.

“It’s like kids on the playground: Call someone out for cheating at a game and they start with “SHUT UP!” and then move on to threats, such as “I’m gonna kick your @$$!” It never made them right, and it took courage to stand up to them. This is no different.”

LinkedIn is not a social media site like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a Networking site for professionals to connect and discuss trends in our industry. We avoid political discussions.” My reply: “Not leftist discussions. Just discussions that offend the Party. Got it!

I guess we are all in the same boat….FB restricts me on a daily basis…sometimes 24hrs ( for the last 2 days) and sometimes it’s just for 1hr at a time…happens when I share something from you or pages they have blocked or red flagged….it is sickening what these nitwits are doing.”

They know there was fraud! They set it up! Unprofessional to tell the truth?!?! The election and J6 were a total set up!

“Amen! I have a bad feeling that the ballot harvesting & counting methods used in 2020 will be amplified in 2024, and the results the same…regardless of who is nominated on either side. Personally, I’d like to see a Trump-Ramaswamy ticket for the Rs.”

This is not the America that I love anymore… this is a matter of National Security and protecting our sacred Constitution!

Lotsa people like this running lotsa big companies. At some point the accumulated capital runs out and reality will be paid. I’d like to know what Ayn Rand would have said about the market for truth today.

No surprise there. They are getting g scared and are doing everything possible to gain absolute power. This next year should be very interesting. Don’t fall for the fear tactics, stand up to these evil people. Demonic regime.



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