The American Experiment: Coming to an End?

We on the Right never organized to save this country like the Left did to destroy it. They burned, looted, censored, persecuted, silenced, cancelled but they were organized. We, by contrast and with several notable exceptions, thought that a few good men (and women) could turn the tide. But we cannot because we didn’t organize the tide. We had individuals, not organizations and now we are suffering for it. People like Shapiro, Bongino, Levin, Peterson, and a few staunch conservatives in Congress couldn’t rally the troops enough to change things.

We’re too comfortable and now it’s getting very uncomfortable, with the Marxists tyrants in America going after our guns, our bank accounts, our children, and our liberty. This American experiment is coming to an end unless there is a new birth of patriotism, perhaps with blood, that is organized against the tyranny of the Left.

— J.C. Raines, writing in the comments section of The American Thinker


With each new Trump indictment, the left’s strategy becomes increasingly clear. It isn’t to bring real criminal charges based on actual violations of the law, or to see justice applied equally and fairly even to a powerful person like Trump. The strategy is to demonstrate power and thereby humiliate and discourage Trump supporters by showing them how powerless they are.

Another aspect of this strategy, as James Lindsay explained in a Twitter thread Tuesday, is to provoke the right into reacting. This is what Lindsay calls “leftist dialectical political warfare,” or, in Trump’s case, “Operation Poke the Bear.” The purpose of such warfare, says Lindsay, is to provoke a reaction that would justify the further consolidation of power on the left.

[from The Federalist]


…[T]the Democrat effort to criminalize their political enemies has reached its climax in 2023. Republicans have sat and watched as four separate indictments have come down from three separate prosecutors, all with the same purpose: imprisoning Donald Trump and as many of his political allies as they can get away with. Monday’s indictment out of Fulton County, Georgia, is the most extreme yet, seeking to ensnare not just Trump but 18 of his associates for the “crime” of contesting the 2020 election through the courts and legislative process.

The goal of all these indictments is simple: rig the 2024 election in the court system before a single ballot can even be cast, and criminalize the MAGA political movement Trump has built.

[Charlie Kirk]



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