How Subjectivism Killed America

When somebody claims, “Feelings are more important than facts,” what they’re really saying is, “MY feelings are more important than your feelings; MY feelings are more important than any facts.” Subjective attitudes do not lead to peace, tolerance and mutual agreement. Subjective attitudes lead to tyranny. As I’m saying, the assertion of subjectivity is generally a cover for dictatorship (in government) or control (in personal relationships).

Look what happened in America. It all started, in the 1960s and 1970s as, “Be tolerant. Get along. My reality and your reality can coexist.” We began to deny there’s a REALITY at all. It all became feelings. At first it was annoying, phony and obnoxious. Then it started to become dangerous. Now the issue has reached a climactic turn. It’s playing out in grotesque form with the “tranny” militants, of all things. “Accept their reality — or else.” Their reality, in this case, can change moment to moment. Gender isn’t merely optional and subjective– it’s fluid. You can be male on Monday, female on Tuesday, neither on Wednesday and both on Thursday. If you deny or challenge this, in Canada or Michigan, you can be imprisoned with a felony. In Ireland, your home can be raided to determine if you have materials offensive to transgenders or other protected victim groups based on subjectivism. This is not about the poor souls who call themselves transgendered. They’re simply lost. They’re the raw material for the tyrants to beat us over the heads with subjectivism. They were the last available victim group not to be exploited.

It has nothing to do with transgenderism, whatever that means. That’s just the wedge issue. It could just as easily have been something else. The general idea is one of brutality unmasking itself: The minute you get rid of objective standards, you’re taking away the ONLY civilized, reasonable means for people dealing with each other. You’re setting up a state of perpetual civil warfare. This sets the stage for tyrants to step in and take over in the name of “stability” or — the preferred term today — “democracy.”

Break man of reason and the dictators will take over.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s done out in the open. Our creepy, demented “president” leers at us with a sinister grin as he issues the edicts (written for him), all based on the idea that all reality is subjective. Rest assured: His guns, armies, prisons, armed IRS and FBI are not at all subjective. Their force is real.

It’s not original, or new. It’s the way tyrants have always operated. It’s the way every government in human history has operated — eventually, if not at first. It’s the way tyrants in marriages, families and businesses have always operated, even in America before America became the way it is.

It all starts with the feel good platitudes of subjectivism. It ends in censorship, disarming the population, social credit scoring, arrests of presidential candidates, hyperinflation, FBI raids on dissenters and eventually government control over all economic activity. We could have predicted this, at least as long ago as the 1970s, when subjectivism became the explicit creed we were all encouraged or pushed to follow. Particularly brilliant people like Ayn Rand predicted it all back in the 1950s. It starts with philosophy; and — with the wrong kind of philosophy — it ends with tyranny. If you want to fight tyranny, you’ll need to discover the right kind of philosophy.




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