Democrats: They Want to Be Ruled

The leftists in power are tyrants, creeps and sociopaths. That’s obvious. But most of the people who support and applaud them are not. The leftists I have known are incredibly gullible but, more than that, they are rules-followers. They are conformists. They long to be obedient. They aim to be seen as sophisticated, but in reality they long to be loved. They live as if playing a nonsexual game of sadomasochism. They wish to be dominated. This helps explain their hostility toward differing views. They will say they want dignity, decency, “democracy” and reason. That’s not it, not at all. They want to be ruled. And your insistence on independence, self-sovereignty and detachment from the rules makers (whether due to your religious beliefs, or simply your own independence) — well, this makes them frightened, threatened and angry. It throws some of them into rage.

I am warning you that there’s no curing them. They are deeply invested in their need to obey, and their response to your assertion of freedom will lead them to do things to you not seen since the era of Nazi Germany. We had a nasty taste of this during COVID. Please believe me: You “ain’t seen nuthin yet.” Be careful, don’t be gullible and be ready for difficult times.



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