If We Don’t Fight Fire With Fire — then What DO We Fight With?

Leftists prosecute, burn buildings, riot, defame character, dox, impeach, imprison, fine, sue and execute.

Conservatives do none of these things.

Maybe this is why we’re losing everything?

Conservatives don’t like to hear this. “We should turn the other cheek.” It’s ironic. Conservatives were not the ones who advocated appeasement of the Soviet Union; or of Hitler. Yet we treat today’s mortal enemies — on the left — as if they are capable of being reasoned with. We do so as they overtly imprison our candidates for no reason, declare any form of dissension an “insurrection” punishable by prison or death, censor our speech, strip us of our Second Amendment rights and slowly, progressively complete the nationalization of private industry. Oh, and threaten to perform sex change surgery on our children without our consent, and to imprison us as terrorists if we object.

It’s a timeless principle we have got to relearn: Appeasement does not work. Leftists are violent. Even the “peaceful” ones advocate the use of force — guns, police, imprisonment — when you fail to do everything they believe you must do. Appeasement of violent foes with mere words and complaints has not stopped them, and will not ever stop them. Suing them in a court system where they predetermine the rules and the outcomes in their favor has not stopped them, and will never stop them. Voting for alternative candidates in a system rigged by them and where the outcome is so predetermined by them that they no longer bother even to campaign has not worked, and will not ever work.

I don’t know about you. But it seems to me that it’s time for something different. I’m not persuaded by the argument, “We can’t become like them.” This is war. If we don’t fight back at some point, then our lives and values will all perish right before our eyes. If you let your house become infested with roaches, the roaches will prevail. If we had let Hitler overrun the world, we’d all be living as Nazis now.

Get your heads out of denial. Today’s leftists and their enabling cowards — the RINOs, the Fox News types — ARE that bad. In fact, they’re even worse than you think.



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