The DOJ Mobsters Strike Again

Democrats (and the people who vote for them) consider dissenting speech unlawful. That’s the definition of dictatorship.

Citizens, please understand, going forward:

If a leftist wins, the election was automatically valid. All claims of fraud, even if based on evidence, constitute insurrection. If you persist in these claims, thereby upsetting and annoying fragile leftists, you will face charges of a felony.

If the dissident wins, a state of emergency will be declared under any pretext available, and rioting described as peaceful protests will ensue until the nonleftist dissident can be removed from power and subsequently convicted. Openly supporting a nonleftist dissident and thereby upsetting the tranquility of leftists constututes hate speech and potentially a hate crime. Subsequent action will be taken.

Got it, citizens?

If the Commiefascists we still allow to rule us only put 1 percent of the energy they place into “getting Trump” into (instead) upholding free markets, supporting Western civilization, keeping terrorists and criminals from crossing the borders, eradicating regulation and slashing taxes — we would rise to the greatest civilization in all of human history.

Maybe it’s time we eradicate the people who spend 24 hours a day trying to eradicate Trump. They stand for nothing except destruction, both of Trump and of America. We who love freedom, and what America might be and ought to be, actually stand for something. It makes no sense that we’re presently losing.



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