The Approach of America’s Breaking Point

Nobody will really rise up against our growing tyranny in D.C. (and many states) unless or until the economy truly goes bad. And stays bad, worse than 2008, more like the Great Depression — only with Venezuelan hyperinflation.

This is not something to wish for. But the Uniparty coalition of career bureaucrats and career politicians wrecking our rights to consume energy, to make our own medical decisions, to own weapons, and to practice free speech are the very same ones wrecking our economy with little to no prospect of punishment by a rigged ballot box.

The thing to be most concerned about is when the bottom falls out of the middle class and the Bidenistas (or whomever succeeds them, Harris-istas, Newsom-istas) use that catastrophic development as an excuse to declare indefinite martial law in the name of “preserving democracy.”

It’s a lot more plausible and closer than you may think. After COVID, mass millions are primed for an American police state. The 2007-2008 economic meltdown, once underway, was shocking in its speed. You’re going to see civil strife, racial and socioeconomic antagonism and breakdown like never before experienced in America unless we reverse all policies of the Biden regime 180 degrees, and almost immediately. How is that going to happen?

And remember: the cultural and political Marxists running the show want that civil breakdown. They are not businesses in search of profit; they are monsters in search of power.



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