Trump In Handcuffs Still Won’t Make Socialism Work (or Be Moral)

Theo Wold describes the effects of the Administrative State from his experience in the Trump administration. Bureaucrats have their own agenda. They refused to implement Trump’s policies promised to the electorate whenever and wherever they could, and they could — a lot, on the border wall, education, and immigration. “The idea that the federal bureaucracy is accountable to the president is a mirage.” []

This is why Trump failed and, before him, Reagan failed to rein in Big Government. You can’t rein in the unaccountable. You cannot pacify or reason with the fundamentally unreasonable, or tyrannical. It’s no more possible to rein in our administrative state than it would have been to reform or contain Hitler, or the Soviets. Unaccountable power feeds on itself and grows ever more toxic. It’s a malignancy. You have to defeat, defund and destroy it, before it devours you. It’s now so easy to see: there is no other option.

Leftists and other idiots say, “I can’t wait to see Trump in handcuffs and prison.” They may well get their wish. However, their emotions cannot change facts. Outlawing fossil fuels will lead to unprecedented suffering and despair, and millions of deaths. The takeover of industry and the military by delusional twits obsessed with virtue-signaling to marginal nutjobs will lead to the collapse of civilization. The shrinking of the Bill of Rights to free abortions and the right to smoke pot AND ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER LIBERTY will demoralize and destroy the best of the human spirit that innovation, real progress and survival on planet earth depend upon. Capitalism — real, unregulated, hands off capitalism — works. Freedom is our friend. Trump pushed more for freedom than any of today’s Democrats or most Republicans ever will. No form of slavery or totalitarianism ever has saved man from misery. Only freedom can.

So all of you Trump haters out there may get your wish. But you will also get a lot of things you’re not going to like. Jailing Trump cannot stop them.



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