Deplorable Lunacy

“Top Biden Health Official Warns of ‘Wrong Puberty’ for Children…Trans Levine Goes Grooming” [Breitbart headline]

I don’t even want to know more details about this story. The state of our culture and government seems beyond depraved, and beyond insane. It’s the sociological equivalent of Jonestown.

I will tell you I have been a mental health professional since 1986. I studied psychology for 10 years. I have been trained as a family therapist. Yes, probably 90 percent of mental professionals are Democrats. But nothing like this was ever proposed or speculated on. Nothing. Not a hint. EVER. Wherever this comes from, and whatever the flaws and failures of my profession (there are many), you would have been laughed out of the room as recently as 5 years ago for spouting any of this deplorable lunacy.



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