Latest Leftist Totalitarian Target: RFK, Jr.

Perceptive people used to say, “Inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” It’s no longer speculative. Leftists in Congress today moved to censor Robert Kennedy, Jr. from speaking. We have actual totalitarians in power. They’re not going to stop with the censorship; they’re not going to stop AT censorship. They are capable of anything. This includes concentration camps, but it also includes the use of 21st Century technology to freeze or seize bank accounts, control your thermostats, study your personal behaviors, regulate everything you do and utterly destroy your life. Do you think oligarchs like Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos don’t stand ready to help them?

It’s no longer speculative. It’s here. All they need is enough power. Just a little more. They succeeded with COVID fascism. They openly engaged in election fraud in the last two elections. They’ve got 70 percent of the up and coming brainwashed generation. They have the ENTIRE corporate and entertainment industries on their side, the ENTIRE media, all of the educational world and, sad to say, the military top brass. Hitler, Stalin and Mao did not have this much power. I believe these tyrants are worse. They have the police of all major cities. I am not being negative. I am being utterly objective, backed up by all the known facts. Wake up and start thinking about how you plan to defend yourselves. We are at war.




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