When Leftists Call You a “Tyrant” — It’s a GOOD Thing

“Is America on the brink of tyranny? Trump’s plan if elected in 2024 should frighten us all.”

This is the headline from an “objective” news source — USA Today.

Wow. I am speechless. We are already UNDER a tyranny. The leftists, like USA Today, know it. Tyranny is not what threatens them. What threatens them? NOT being the tyrants.

Their idea of a tyranny is putting a restraint (even a slight restraint) on the actual tyranny of progressive-fascist-Communists.

Their idea of “tyranny” is preventing the government from jabbing millions of people with untested medicine. Their idea of “tyranny” is keeping the government from storming your house, if you don’t agree with tax subsidies for abortion or if you don’t think men claiming to be women because they say so still aren’t women. Their idea of tyranny is being able to use fossil fuels and survive beyond the level of a 19th Century pioneer. Their idea of tyranny is keeping them from being allowed to round up children (including your own) and filling their heads with Marxist and racist ideas, while reserving the right to mutilate their bodies.

When a modern-day leftist-Democrat “progressive” talks about the threat of “tyranny”, you had better believe — it’s a GOOD thing.



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