Why This Meme Struck Such a Nerve

This meme expresses it better than a 5,000 word article can say:

Why do I need a $200 passport to leave this country when I don’t need one to get in?

Of course, we know the answer. The people getting into the country are expected to be Democrat voters. Given that they’ll be hooked from day 1 on government subsidies in the form of schools, welfare, health insurance, guaranteed income, future reparations and who knows what else yet to come, they likely will become Democrat voters.

You and I are of no worth to the State — meaning, the government. Remember: under our Constitution, the government works for US. It exists because we let it exist — and for as long as we let it exist. In reality, precisely the opposite is now true. We exist to serve the government: the creeps, petty dictators, thieves, tyrants and perverts who now inhabit the White House, most of the courts and virtually all of Congress. We exist so long as they permit us to exist — and for no longer.

It’s all over but the concentration camps. We have no more rights. We have some pretense at a rule of law and “justice,” but that same pretense existed in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China and in Communist-fascist China today. Those systems had or have elections too. Elections about as meaningful as ours.

This meme generated a lot of reaction when I posted it. It’s because it gets at the heart of so much. It’s much deeper than immigration, although that’s an important issue. It cuts to the rights of man. We have those rights — and we are born with them — but the government of the United States of America (once a champion of those rights) no longer honors them.

And the more we keep letting them get away with it, the worse it will get.


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