Wimps of the COVID Fascist Era: Apologize!

“The ramifications of the Covid response will be felt for decades. If we learned anything from the WEF’s “Great Reset,” it’s that Covid is no one-off. Now that our leaders have watched the majority of the population relinquish their liberties for a virus comparable for many in the general population to the seasonal flu, they’re going to whip out the Covid playbook anytime they want to scare the populace into compliance.

“That’s where those who were sheep during Covid come in. Thousands of Americans were severely punished for bravely resisting the Covid psyop because millions more followed the edicts and perpetuated fear despite knowing better. When the next Covid comes along, those who were either gullible or cowards need to learn from their mistakes and stand up against tyranny. That’s the least they can do.”

From TheFederalist



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