Rationally, It’s Impossible for Another to “Bother” You

Here’s a response to somebody who says, “I don’t mean to bother you.”

Response: “I don’t permit myself to be bothered. I value my time, and if I choose to spend it interacting with anyone, it’s by choice. Unless you’re coercing me — which you’re not — it’s always a choice. I take responsibility for my choices. If you WERE bothering me, that would be my fault, not yours, for permitting it.” And then follow up with what you honestly believe to be positive, beneficial and valuable about the person saying it, and why you consider him or her NOT a waste of time.

Everyone is so used to insincerity and platitudes. A little bit of honesty and clarification can be a good thing. If you can’t say the above (or something like it) with integrity, then get to work on making better choices with your time.



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