“Government Has a RIGHT to Censor Speech” … WTF?!

Well, it was only a matter of time. The media and its regime are spreading the idea from academia called “government speech.” Look it up. One definition you’ll find: “Under the government speech doctrine, the government has its own rights as speaker, immune from free speech challenges. It can assert its own ideas and messages without being subject to First Amendment claims of viewpoint discrimination.”

So let’s get this straight. The government has free speech rights just like you or I. The government cannot be censored. The way some people are twisting or extending this? You can’t stop the government from shutting the speech down. The government has a RIGHT to shut down speech it considers offensive (in the public interest, of course); and if you criticize or condemn the government, or offend it in any way, then you’re violating the government’s right to free speech.

What this doctrine doesn’t take into account: The government has jails, guns and bombs. The government, in a one-party state or dictatorship, has unlimited rights; you and I have none. As Joe Biden cynically points out to gun rights advocates, “We have the nuclear arsenal, and you don’t.” If you think any tiny part of our government still exists to protect even a shred of individual rights, as Jefferson and Madison once intended, you’re worse than a fool. The government is the bad guy — really, really bad. And they intend to play the part, even more than they already are.

Watch for “government speech” to ascend as a concept on MSNBC, and eventually in corporate board rooms in companies mostly run by the government. Welcome to fascism.



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