All Leftism Is Disinformation

Climate change.
COVID lies.


A UK government adviser is confident any future pandemic lockdown and compulsory mask edicts will be met with compliance because people have learnt a new behaviour and, “in principle, you can switch it back on.”

Professor David Halpern told The Daily Telegraph the country had “practised the drill” of wearing face masks and working from home and “could redo it” in a future crisis because people are now conditioned to do what they are told. [Breitbart News]


“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

— Jean de La Fontaine


“California Reparations Task Force Wants Black Residents To Skip Out On Child Support,” says a Daily Wire headline.

Sure, why not? What is it now — $10 million per citizen based on race? It’s only government fiat currency losing its value by the day thanks to inflation. By the time they get their $10 million per citizen, it won’t be worth anything. When you kill capitalism, you kill the capital the moochers and looters are counting on.


How’s that gun control working out for you, Philadelphia and Baltimore?


You do not exist to serve the government. It exists to serve YOU. If government forgets this, it must go.


“Global warming ‘provides a marvelous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism.”

— Margaret Thatcher



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