Nonwhite Supremacists: The Modern KKK

If you disagree with a leftist on ANYTHING — socialized medicine, COVID fascism, outlawing fossil fuels in 7 years, higher taxes, unlimited government spending and inflation of the currency — then you’re immediately and forever branded a “white supremacist” — even if you’re not white! (Ask Larry Elder, a black conservative who ran for Governor of California and was labeled a white supremacist).

What does it mean to be a racial supremacist, in all seriousness? It means to elevate race as the most important matter in human character; and it means to elevate your own particular race as superior to others.

The racial supremacists today are on the left, not on the right. They always and only talk about race. They make literally everything a racial issue. And they elevate their own particular race (primarily black, although anything nonwhite may qualify) as deserving of rights and privileges not conferred on people of the disfavored race.

This is EXACTLY what real white supremacists did in the days of slavery and Jim Crow. They elevated race to the # 1 consideration — and they elevated whites above blacks, every single time.

Today, leftists are doing the same. And they’re proposing a new form of slavery: reparations. They are actually proposing millions and millions of dollars in payments to people of the favored race to be paid for by those of the disfavored race. If they don’t pay for it in higher taxes, they’ll pay for it in the hyperinflation that government spending and debt are already starting to cause. If you don’t pay for reparations with a 70 or 90 percent tax rate, then you’ll pay for it by spending 50 or 100 or 200 percent more on groceries and fuel, next month and next year.

Sacrificing one race for the sake of the other is not new. White supremacists DID at one time propose this. But today’s nonwhite supremacists are doing the exact same thing today.

If this is what “progressive” means, then I’m right when I say “progressivism” is a malignancy, like a cancer. Unlike white supremacists of yesteryear, today’s nonwhite supremacists claim to be enlightened and “liberal.” They’re about as enlightened and gentle as the KKK — and Joseph Stalin.



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