Today’s “Journalists” Are Highly Paid Peddlers of Propaganda

What makes contemporary “journalism” so bad is not its lack of objectivity and honesty. What makes it so dangerous is that most people THINK and ASSUME that it’s objective and honest.

The meme says it right. At one time, journalists reported facts and left you to decide for yourself what to think. Today, only facts are reported which serve a particular narrative; when necessary, facts are outright fudged. If busted, journalists barely even acknowledge or apologize for their dishonesty.

Imagine becoming a doctor and being told to lie to your patients. Telling them that they don’t have a disease when you know they do; or telling them they do have a disease when you know they don’t. It would be madness. And if you went to tell one of today’s journalists — well, they would only report what would serve the “woke”, contemporary Communist and government-managed view of events.

Most people have not caught up to the reality that the people we call journalists are actually liars. How do we know this? Because MSNBC and CNN and CBS News and ABC News and yes, frankly, Fox News are all still in business.

A liar does not lie every time he speaks. The same applies to what we call a journalist. Just because a journalist is saying it does not make it true — or false. But the point remains: How can you trust a journalist who claims to be honest, objective and strictly fact-based about anything? Remember during the George Floyd riots. Journalists actually stood with cameras facing them, stating, “No violence here. The demonstrations are one-hundred percent peaceful.” As looters and violent rioters attacked innocent people in the background. Even when faced with violence generated by the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter that could not be evaded, the people we call journalists continued to refer to racist organization terrorist activities as “peaceful demonstrators,” as if repeating it in a mantra-like fashion would make it true.

I suspect that most people by now do at least sense the truth of what I’m writing. But most of them will reply defensively with something like, “Well, where am I supposed to get my news? Should I keep my head in the sand?” Earth to the defensive: YOU’RE NOT GETTING NEWS FROM PEOPLE WHO LIE. I will grant you that finding objective truth in a world where millions of dollars are spent on evading it is a serious problem. But for God’s sake, stop kidding yourself that what you’re getting from these highly paid propagandists has anything to do with objective truth, other than occasionally by accident.

Journalism schools used to teach the principle: Consider the source. Now we must apply that principle to the journalists themselves. Because they are not journalists; not even close.



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