Does America Need a Second Revolution?

“The country needs a revolution to stop the collapse into tyranny, and it would be far better to have someone from the inside take a wrecking ball to the fascist state the Uniparty has built than from the outside. The first will result in lots of hurt feelings and lighter pocketbooks on the part of thousands of functionaries while the second will turn the country into a war zone. I’d prefer lots of unemployed apparatchiks to American cities looking like Beirut.

“Trump … may be a grotesque figure to many, but there are times when that which makes one grotesque to the people in charge is exactly what is necessary to protect a nation. This is one of those times.”

— Vince Coyner, American Thinker


Events in Brazil have paralleled those of America in recent years. In the latest developments, you may be seeing America’s near future [from Breitbart 6-29-23]:

The Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) filed a public civil action on Tuesday that seeks to strip conservative news network Jovem Pan of its three radio broadcasting licenses.

MPF accuses the network of allegedly having spread a “disinformation campaign,” broadcasting content that “attacks democracy,” and advocating for military intervention during the 2022 presidential election through three of the shows produced by the network.

The action would also require some Jovem Pan networks to air government-created content.

We are just one more rigged election away from the federal tyranny in America pulling the licenses (or equivalent) of the few media outlets left that don’t speak for The Party (i.e., RINOs plus DemComs).



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