America is In the Hands of Sinister Monsters

America does not have a justice system. It’s organized crime. Only WAY more dangerous. It has false moral credibility and almost unlimited military and economic power, which no underground mobsters ever enjoyed. America was originally a free country — literally a wilderness, at first — and grew into the greatest, most prosperous nation in human history, lifted by freedom and the moral strength of a free people.

Now we are an awful mess, because we let our government grow into the biggest monster ever seen. We allowed parasites to acquire power on the backs of productive geniuses and average people who worked for a living.

The grotesque narcissists and sociopaths in power (absolutely BOTH parties) are the byproducts of a malignancy, created by a government wildly out of control and a media-intellectual establishment as dishonest and vicious as anything ever seen. America — actually the whole free world — has cancer.

Cancer can be defeated, but it takes unrelenting force and courage, as any cancer survivor knows. You have to eradicate the malignancy. You don’t compromise with it. Remember that, as more and more of your freedoms go away.



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