The Biden Regime is COMPETENT, not Incompetent

Everyone says the Biden regime is incompetent. I say just the opposite. The Biden regime is COMPETENT at creating fear, uncertainty, chaos, insecurity, propaganda and despair. All of this will lead to a one-party tyranny that cannot be contained or controlled, past a certain point. In a little over two years, they have decimated the United States and one of capitalism’s greatest achievements — the middle class. Inflation will be the primary way they bring us down.

They have put us in a position where there’s very little we can do about it. Yes, Biden himself — a demented, corrupt, perverted little creep — is only a puppet. But whoever is really running the show is not going anywhere. Not without a huge, epic battle that the vast majority of us, at this moment, seem unprepared to acknowledge, much less fight and win.



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