LGBTQ: Useful Idiots for Marxist Manipulators

If you’re LGBTQ and think the left really cares about your individual rights, you’re a fool. You are a means to their ends. Their end is totalitarianism–Communism, fascism or both. They may support gay marriage or your right to do with your body as you please.

But this is so they can acquire more and more money, votes and power. It’s also a way for them to divide and conquer. “Pride” month has nothing to do with your well-being; it has everything to do with making the masses feel guilty and ashamed. That way, they can get the masses to submit to social credit scores, mandatory medical orders, wealth redistribution, outlawing gas cars, gun confiscation and restraint of free speech.

Your rights are upheld, right now, so their rights — and eventually yours — may be obliterated. Your time will come, too, once the leftists get everything they want from you.

Stop being the useful idiots.



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