Nobody Seems to Grasp How BAD America’s Situation Is

“If the law is not equally applied to all, it turns into a weapon for injustice. If the powerful can break constitutional norms about legal equality for one man, they can — and will — break constitutional norms about legal equality for anyone else they want.” [The Federalist]

Unfortunately, once the apparatus of state is weaponized, and the government itself becomes the criminal, it’s impossible to expect the now malignant system to correct and reform itself. The only possible solution is to physically remove the criminals from their positions of power, imprison them or otherwise keep them from doing further harm.

Nobody is accepting this fact, but the glaring reality of these facts will grow with each indictment, arrest and prosecution of innocent parties. Trump is simply the highest profile example. The Biden regime and its weaponized state are simply not reformable, and will not leave power willingly.



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