It’s the Literal End of America … So Let’s Run for President !!

All the Republicans react to the latest Trump indictment just like the last one — with verbal outrage. Mike Pence says he’s “troubled”– good grief! As if ANYTHING this twerp says or does means anything, and as if he will ever achieve the fame and power of “the White House” he obviously and so pitifully craves. And frankly all of the others. Even DeSantis has surprised and disappointed me; sure, he’ll pardon Trump. Just give him the White House. It’s the only thing that matters. It’s almost like the White House means magic.

Does it EVER occur to ANY of them that even if they got the White House — and they will not — that their fate will ultimately be the same as Trump’s? Unless they act like Democrats, like the Bushes and the Romneys and the McCains did, in which case they are worse than useless to the country.

Oops, look. Another indictment of Trump. And then they’re back to campaigning. It’s like an addiction. It’s like they’re under sedation! None of these people are capable of grasping what’s happening because the ONLY thing they care about is being President. As if being President still meant anything. We are living in a dictatorship! We are living under a one-party system. Elections are just for show. Republicans are useful dummies to preserve the illusion that there’s some kind of competition or some shred of meaningful, principled competition for power. That was over in 2020. Probably some time before that, but definitely by 2020. If you cannot see it, you are willfully blind.

After a news cycle or two, it will be like this latest cluster of 32 or 79 indictments of Trump never happened. Until the next series of indictments come out. Most assume because he’s a former President and still has a highly sizable following, it can’t happen. “Trump won’t be prosecuted and he won’t be imprisoned.” It’s delusional.

I now fully understand and completely can see, feel and comprehend how Nazi Germany happened. We have far less excuse. To the metaphorical (or literal) gas chamber we all go — singing all the way, “Just wait until the next election!” We’ll fix ’em all right!



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