Arresting and Jailing Donald Trump? It’s Just the Beginning

Trump will be arrested, indicted, etc. — this time by the Biden regime. By the feds.

None of it is a surprise to me. I have been predicting this for months, and I’m told that I’m crazy and overreacting whenever I do. And then the reality turns out to be worse than I predicted.

When will you people get it? The DemComs have seized dictatorial power. They use it unblinkingly. First Trump — then you.

We are at war.

Today’s conservatives remind me of the leftists back during the post-9/11 era. Leftists insisted that Islamic terrorism was not a problem — only “Islamophobia.”

Today, conservatives insist that the open weaponization of the federal government, while a problem, is not a dictatorship. They feel it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by another Trump presidency; or perhaps a DeSantis presidency. Hold out for election 2024, and then all will be well! You know — just like holding out for Election 2022 was to put a restraint on the Biden regime.

Exactly what can a President Trump or DeSantis do to eliminate the Deep State? Only two things will fix the Deep State: One, defund it; two, arrest and prosecute all the criminals involved in it. This will mean arresting, prosecuting, jailing all of the top Biden officials — including Biden, his criminal family, his Cabinet members, all of them — and much of the middle level government.

We know that’s not going to happen.

Yet it’s a war. We are not only losing. We’re refusing to acknowledge it even exists.

How bad will it have to get before conservatives and Republicans — the honest ones, the patriots, the only ones who matter — accept that we’re not up against FDR or Jimmy Carter; we’re up against the Japanese during WW II, or Hitler’s Nazis.

The only difference between today’s regime and those enemies from World War II is that they face no opposition, nothing beyond a small number of talk radio hosts plus Tucker Carlson who are still allowed to speak … somewhat.

As they gain more and more control, and face less and less opposition, these leftists/fascists/Marxists/racists/Communists are going to run wild.

Arresting and jailing President Trump? Why, it’s just the beginning.


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