Why the FBI Has Got to Go

I keep reading how the Republican Congress is going to sternly question the director of the FBI about the Bidens, and so forth. We know it will lead nowhere. It’s nothing more than a way to generate money and votes so Republican voters will keep voting Republican — and getting virtually nothing in return. It’s all for show.

REAL action would consist of defunding the FBI entirely. It doesn’t matter if it wouldn’t get through. Republicans only control the House. Nobody expects them to get things past the House of Representatives. But whatever comes out of the House of Representatives should be meaningful, and a real alternative to what we already get from the Communist, totalitarian leftist side.

Defunding the FBI should not even be a debate; not any longer, especially to Republicans. A debate would consist of things like, “How good a job is the FBI doing at stopping crime? Are we getting our money’s worth? Or can state and local police do just as well or better?”

The FBI is no longer stopping crime. It’s INITIATING crime. If you’re Donald Trump, you are public enemy # 1 so far as the FBI is concerned; not because of anything you’ve done, but because the regime running the FBI has weaponized the police force for political purposes. This was going on well before Biden. We have hard evidence that the FBI did this when Obama was still in office, and to some degree while Trump was in office, operating against his wishes. And we all know the FBI does not have a pretty history long before Obama. They’ve just become more brazen and open about it since Obama and Biden.

It’s not just Trump. It’s political protesters who are against things that the regime in power — which includes the FBI — are in favor of.

The world is LESS safe of a place because of the FBI. You might say, “Well, no, I’m a leftist and a Democrat and I have nothing to fear from the FBI.” Journalists in Cuba who supported Castro said the same thing, until he took power — and then jailed or murdered most of the journalists. The same story is true of every single dictatorship because it’s in the nature of dictatorships to act this way.

Only sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists have a craving for unlimited power. Once you give unlimited power to anyone who craves it, they’re going to do diabolical things with it. Even if the FBI never started out that way (it’s debatable), we know beyond any shred of remaining doubt that the FBI is now a politicized entity weaponized against the citizens of what now appears to be a one-party government in America.

The FBI has got to go. No, it’s not going anywhere. It will only grow in power. But at least stop kidding yourselves that Republicans have any willingness to do anything about it.



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