A Deal With the Devil Gets You … More of the Devil

The better members of the Republican Party, including Rand Paul, oppose the debt deal between Biden and McCarthy. Yes, it’s a loser for the Republicans, because it relies on promises of future Congresses and Presidents (seriously?) to keep reducing spending. Seriously??

You could have predicted this. You can’t negotiate with evil. I call the Democrats evil because they are totalitarians — in theory, and increasingly, in practice. Do I have to provide the proof again? Mask mandates, experimental vax mandates, use of social media to impose censorship, threats of gun confiscation and deadlines on the use of fossil fuels necessary for the survival of the middle class and civilization as we know it. I call all of this (and much, much more) evil.

Ayn Rand was the only one who appeared to get this point: When you negotiate with evil, you benefit only the evil side, not the good side. Evil, you see, is irrational and stupid, by its very nature. It cannot survive five seconds without some sort of concession from the good side. This is true whether we’re talking government, politics or any other arena of human life where morality is in play.

By negotiating with the Bidenistas and other terrorists occupying our government, the Republicans conceded that the unconscionable things Democratic Communists have been doing are acceptable — to a point. There is NO point where censorship is acceptable. There is NO point where bankrupting the country is acceptable. There is NO basis whatsoever for shutting down the economy and saying you have a right to do so again any time you feel like it. There is NO basis for nearly anything the Democratic Party has done for the last century or more, but this has become especially true in the escalation toward a totalitarian state we have witnessed — here in America — for the last 3 years or so.

Would you accept half a concentration camp? Or only a third of a gulag? Or the murder of 100 innocent citizens instead of a thousand? Or merely one million instead of ten million? This is the game you’re playing when you start negotiating with evil.

Making a deal with the Devil gets you more of the Devil. It’s as simple as that. It’s a law of logic and nature that is never going to change. The good or the not-so-bad guys have failed to figure it out. That’s why we’re on our way to the greatest evil that America has ever seen, and (if not stopped) the greatest evil in all of human history.


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