The “Woke” America Our Forefathers Did NOT Fight For

U.S. Rep. Cori Bush calls for $14 trillion to redistribute to people based on race, euphemistically calling it “reparations.” Please don’t say she’s not serious. Biden would sign it and the Senate would possibly pass it. The House would certainly pass it once back in DemCom hands, a real possibility by 2025 given continuing ballot fraud.

If this isn’t the basis for and/or secession, I don’t know what is.


“This is a battle between human nature versus progressive politics. The survival urge is genetically driven, and progressives like Alvin Bragg prefer a docile, vulnerable, and easy-to-manage population. It’s no different from forcing you to mask up and take the vaccine. The Daniel Penny episode is a public training exercise in domestication and judging by the outpouring of support for the former Marine, lots of people are tired of being forced to submit when cornered.

Recall when Rosa Parks decided that she was sick and tired of being legally required to sit at the back of the bus. Many are now fed up with having to suffer abuse from the crazies and risk being arrested if they fight back. If governments refuse to protect us, we may have no choice but to send in the Marines. “

— from The American Thinker


Censorship is always an implicit compliment. You don’t need to silence someone when you know they’re wrong.


“NJ Gov. Murphy: We’ll Defy SCOTUS ‘to Save Lives’ if They Rule Against Abortion Pill,” says a headline.

So leftists are LAWLESS when it suits them. And as authoritarian as the Gestapo when they like the law or a particular decision.

I think millions of us should STOP OBEYING the Biden regime and any law we dislike. And any woke court decision we dislike. If these leftists want war, they will have it.

Imagine the impact if millions of us grew a spine and simply resisted these totalitarian freaks.



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