If Only the Republicans Were as “Extreme” as the DemComs!

I hear the argument — from people who don’t like Biden or leftists — that Republicans are getting “too extreme.” If only that were true!

But on the subject of “extreme”…how are we supposed to deal with the extreme views and actions of the people in charge of our culture, of private corporations and of the government? The view and actions of the “woke”?

We don’t label the woke “extreme” when they say that you must do as the government says, that you must shut up when the government tells you to shut up, that you’re stupid if you don’t want the face of a drag queen on your beer can, that you’re selfish and bad if you want to keep your gas car or stove, and that you’re evil and immoral if you want redistribution of wealth to stop. We don’t label them “extreme” when they say if you oppose government schools teaching racism and Communism with tax money to your children, that you’re a domestic terrorist. We don’t say it’s “extreme” when the FBI and the local police of major cities are weaponized and politicized in the service of minimizing or ignoring real crimes (theft, rape, murder) and replaced with political crimes (criticizing the government). We don’t call it “extreme” when Donald Trump faces charges for things he didn’t do in order to keep him from running for President again, and when ballots are manufactured to ensure no Republican ever wins again.

If it’s bad to be “extreme” by supporting the extreme opposite of all that is dishonest, disingenuous, irrational, psychotic, illegal, totally immoral and outright evil — then what exactly would be good? Keeping all the irrationality and evil going, and just toning it down a bit? Who will benefit from such a tepid approach? Who will be harmed the most?

My question is not for leftists. Leftists are beyond reason. They have made up their minds on entirely an emotional basis. My question is for the dissenters.

America is dying, not so much because of the irrational tyrants on the left. They’re just doing what tyrants do — being tyrants. It’s the people on the dissenting side who are too afraid or too apologetic to stand up to these tyrants and give them absolutely everything they deserve who will ensure our downfall.

It’s not left or right. It’s good or bad. ALL of the left is bad. MOST of the right is. Rationality & freedom are rare, and precious.



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