Destroy Gender — Destroy Cognition

It has NOTHING to do with “transgenders.” These poor lost, often suicidal souls are merely board pieces in a power game played by totalitarians.

The actual purpose of the insanity of our era? To destroy our cognition. If we become unable even to acknowledge the existence of something as self-evident as the difference between a boy and a girl — well then, they’ve got us.

But they know full well they cannot actually destroy our cognition. We can only do that to ourselves. Human cognition, over the centuries, gave us the space ship, the jet airplane, and the microchip. Human cognition also gave us the gulag, the concentration camps and the Middle Ages.

They’re appealing to the worst within us; not the best. As we saw with Galileo, the Salem witch trials and (most recently) with COVID hysteria, appealing to the worst within us often works.

The goal is not to get us to believe there’s no such thing as male or female. That’s absurd. The goal is to get us to PRETEND that we believe it. Pretending is all they want. Pretending proves we’re afraid of them. Once they see we’re afraid — well, the rest will be easy.



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