“In the Navy …”

You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to put it all together. Just look at the FACTS. And at what the leftists say they want to do. And the evidence that 100 percent of the time (especially since the huge success of COVID fascism) they follow through on exactly what they say they want to do.

They’re not making the military woke in order to destroy it. They’re making the military woke so that woke soldiers can be counted on to turn against the dissidents, when the time comes. They’re not anti-military. They’re anti-freedom. Like Hitler and Stalin, they’re just fine with the use of force — so long as it’s THEIR force. Rest assured they’re not planning on a military dominated by drag queens. They are counting on a military to enforce a rule of law where your life is run by woke monsters like AOC.

Leftists played the long game, first with universities and later with government-run primary and secondary schools. Their results have been spectacular. Two-thirds or more 20-somethings and even 30-somethings are now hard core socialists who oppose free speech, gun rights, capitalism and private property (except for their own private property, of course). Taking over schools worked. Now they’re finishing the job by taking over police forces and the military.

Increasingly, the real question in America will become: Will the military fire on their fellow citizens, if they’re not woke, green fascist, medically fascist, Communist and all the rest? It will come to that. The only way it won’t come to that, of course, is if nonleftists refuse to resist or fight back (even passively) in any way. While the economy is still pretty good, that probably won’t happen. But what happens if the economy stays pretty good, and the one party in power (already in place) decides to base your ability to get a mortgage, a loan — or even electricity — on your support of the government and wokester ideas?

Think it can’t happen here? It’s already happening here. The rest is just a matter of time; and not much more time, the way things are escalating.



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