Who Says that ALL Medical/Mental Health Professionals Support Child Mutilation?

The government-proclaimed mental health “experts” and “doctors” have stated, unequivocally, that the mental health and stability of ANY 3-year-old or 10-year-old who feels that he or she MAY need a “sex change” be immediately acted upon. Basically, they’re saying, any child that doesn’t have immediate “gender transition” surgery (some would call it mutilation) will commit suicide. This, they claim, justifies the state intervening over and above the parental wishes in such cases.

We’re told that ALL doctors and mental health professionals agree with this. My prior experience as a mental health professional, going back to 1988, strongly suggests otherwise. Most of the mental health professionals I knew were always good Democrats. Virtually all of them had the attitude of being nonjudgmental and affirmative toward ADULTS who considered themselves “transsexual” and presented for mental health counseling, etc. However, imposing immediate and irreversible surgery on minor children — pre-adolescents, no less — is not something that even ever occurred to people functioning in the mainstream of the mental health professional world, even as recently as 8 or 10 years ago. It would have properly been considered the stuff of Nazi Germany, or some equivalent totalitarian nightmare.

Furthermore, any mental health professional who speaks out against state-sanctioned surgery for children (against all parental opposition as well) faces loss of referrals and professional shunning — or even, in jurisdictions like California (with no doubt other states to follow), loss of licensure. So how credible is the claim that ALL doctors and mental health professionals hold a particular point-of-view when they’re almost literally held at gunpoint in doing so? We saw the exact same thing with COVID.

My final question: Even if we accept that ALL minor children who request “gender change” surgery — without fully understanding what it is, and without any parental consent — are to be immediately given that surgery … what if that same child later regrets it? Or changes his or her mind? What’s to be done then? Are those claims to be taken seriously? Or will those likewise be ignored, censored or shamed out of existence?

We live in sociopathic, psychopathological times. What’s happening with this gender change surgery for children is the tip of a much more sinister iceberg consisting of totalitarian government control and literally Orwellian anti-logic. No civilization can be expected to withstand it, especially so long as only a marginal few stand up against it in any remotely principled way.



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