Why the DemComs Already Have Trump

Trump has reportedly netted $20 million since the Uniparty indicted him. Has their plan backfired? Of course not. They own the weaponized “justice” system. They can jail him any time they wish. Despite an amazingly docile American republic, they still feel a need to preserve the pretense of due process and normalcy before they imprison their biggest political threat. They are in charge, because we let them be. Nothing but force will get rid of these ruthless totalitarians, but at present they presumably control the military and certainly the police forces of blue cities and states. They played the long game, indoctrinating students and everything. And they won.

A Never Trumper type wrote on my Facebook thread, “Time to quit the Trump cult. No room for personality cults in conservatism.”

I never belonged to a cult. I just value freedom. Trump was the last American political figure to defend freedom with any level of consistency. I supported him over the alternative–which was nothing. Now we’re getting worse than nothing.




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