From 1776 to Militant Trannie Fragility

DemComs and RINO elites are systematically destroying the military, the currency, the economy and the Western civilization approach to law going back to the Magna Carta. They have weaponized and politicized the FBI, the federal court system and the state and local court systems of many highly populated states. They have literally ruined every major American city via letting criminals loose, they have rigged national elections so we will have no more Republicans as President, and they have ruined our trust in doctors and hospitals after paying them off to brazenly lie about experimental vaccines and the death rate from the Chinese flu. They have systematically, ruthlessly and deliberately ruined everything. Censorship and gun confiscation loom large.

And they expect us to believe that the most important civil rights and individual rights issue in all of human history is the emotional fragility of less than 1 percent of the population, i.e., so-called transgenders.



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